مايكلMYKOI Minutt siden
Novae Rog
Novae Rog 4 minutter siden
He scores by putting the soccer ball into the net
Loop Hoop
Loop Hoop 5 minutter siden
442oons video?
VICT0R M0Y4 Masna
VICT0R M0Y4 Masna 5 minutter siden
tmr mano se le acabo su era de mi causa :(
Tiago Oliveira
Tiago Oliveira 7 minutter siden
The Best 👏👏👏
Rip Go
Rip Go 10 minutter siden
sorloth pushing back
ytStoubas 12 minutter siden
this is sad for marco one of the best bvb players
Terrence Wright
Terrence Wright 13 minutter siden
This match has been reincarnated with Chelsea vs Liverpool. Chelsea won 1:0. Mason mount was the goal scorer who is currently 22 year old and Timo scored an offside goal he thought was a goal. 😱😱😱
Slayerz Clan
Slayerz Clan 16 minutter siden
Your making it sound like der klassiker is the ucl final
นาจ วงศาชัย
นาจ วงศาชัย 20 minutter siden
Cyril Kwashira
Cyril Kwashira 21 minutt siden
arthur aks
arthur aks 22 minutter siden
Protect him from mr robber fc hollywood
Madani Maddy
Madani Maddy 22 minutter siden
His injuries are the least. That has kept as a top goal scorer for a long time!
xd joeyy g
xd joeyy g 24 minutter siden
Now timo sucks
Logie17 28 minutter siden
That classic German JAAAAAAA from the fans 😂😂😂
Valy Koul
Valy Koul 30 minutter siden
Serge gnabry
Patrobas Masika
Patrobas Masika 30 minutter siden
TurkiK25 30 minutter siden
So if your taking a penalty just aim high and wide
Commanda 32 minutter siden
0:32 How can a professional footballer be kicking a ball like that?
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 35 minutter siden
3:02 what would've been beautiful is if reus took a touch with his outside foot and smashed it in
OMW2 FUB 36 minutter siden
this narrator speaks with high level of satisfaction might've enjoyed a lavish meal couple of hrs before recording this analysis narration🤨
راغد ابو عساف
راغد ابو عساف 36 minutter siden
The best
Maria Joy Dela Pena
Maria Joy Dela Pena 36 minutter siden
Hello Admiho😃.. I am Fc Bayern Fans.. From Amman Jordam.
Abrar Hameem
Abrar Hameem 39 minutter siden
Helloo! watching from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 ❤️👊 Bundesliga undoubtedly one of the most action packed tournament around the world.🔥💥
M M 40 minutter siden
Marty Klein
Marty Klein 42 minutter siden
jeden z nejlepších českých útočníků - Dino
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade 51 minutt siden
the most game changing overall has been paco alcacer
Ble 51 minutt siden
Pozdrawiam z Polski 🇵🇱